Pre-Purchase Examinations

Prior to the important investment of purchasing a new horse, a complete pre-purchase examination is recommended. The format can be tailored to your specific needs, but involves at the minimum a thorough physical examination which would include the following:

  • General Physical; temperature, pulse, respiration, body condition
  • Auscultation; heart, thorax, trachea – at rest/at work
  • Check eyes with an Ophthalmoscope exam; check Conjunctiva/Nictitans and Direct Exam
  • Ears for Dermatoses
  • Oral Exam; for general condition of teeth and evidence of cribbing or any abnormalities of the tongue or teeth
  • Upper Respiratory Exam; Pharynx/Larynx abnormalities at rest and after exercise
  • Nevous System; check for any abnormalities in placing, abduction, backing etc.
    We would also perform a Musculoskeletal Exam which would include
  • Examination of the limbs for lesions, conformation, hoof testers and flexion test
  • Locomotion; straight line and circles at all gates and evaluate under saddle

For more in depth evaluations we offer at the Buyer request

  • Rectal Palpation
  • Ultrasonographic Examination
  • Radiographic Examination
  • Blood tests; CBC and Chemistry, Fecal Flotation and Drug detection screening