Preventative Health Management

preventative1Have you heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Thorough preventative care of your horse is not only good practice, it’s also in many cases far cheaper.

Crum Equine Veterinary Service provides excellent veterinary care for routine wellness and preventative care as well as emergency services on the farm.

Our routine patient care services include, vaccinations, deworming programs and fecal egg count testing, teeth floating, yearly physical exams, senior exams and foal exams. We also provide coggins testing and health certifications. Our veterinarians are also very skilled and thorough with Pre-purchase examinations, lameness evaluations, dermatologic evaluations anPreventative2d ophthalmic evaluations. These can all be performed quit efficiently on the farm.
Crum Equine is a partner with Pfizer Animal Health by offering the Preventicare Plan for surgical reimbursement should your horse require surgical intervention for colic.

We encourage you to visit www.equinepreventicare.comfor more information on this program.