PrePurchase Examinations:

Prior to the important investment of purchasing a new horse, a complete pre-purchase examination is recommended. The format can be tailored to your specific needs, but involves at the minimum a thorough physical examination which would include the following:

  • General Physical; temperature, pulse, respiration, body condition
  • Auscultation; heart, thorax, trachea – at rest/at work
  • Check eyes with an Ophthalmoscope exam; check Conjunctiva/Nictitans and Direct Exam
  • Ears for Dermatoses
  • Oral Exam; for general condition of teeth and evidence of cribbing or any abnormalities of the tongue or teeth
  • Upper Respiratory Exam; Pharynx/Larynx abnormalities at rest and after exercise
  • Nervous System; check for any abnormalities in placing, abduction, backing etc.
    We would also perform a Musculoskeletal Exam which would include
  • Examination of the limbs for lesions, conformation, hoof testers and flexion test
  • Locomotion; straight line and circles at all gates and evaluate under saddle

For more in depth evaluations we offer at the Buyer request

  • Rectal Palpation
  • Ultrasonographic Examination
  • Radiographic Examination
  • Blood tests; CBC and Chemistry, Fecal Flotation and Drug detection screening

Insurance Examinations:

These examinations are similar to the pre-purchase exam but are done according to the requirements of the insurance carrier. Veterinarians must verify all the information required by your carrier so please be sure you have all the required forms from your carrier prior to your appointment.